• Custom Music Library

    Original scores are ideal for most projects, but they aren’t always feasible for a budget-minded production. Selecting music from various libraries can be tedious and time consuming. Diamond Mine Productions specializes in creating custom music libraries for your show or production company. You decide on the styles and sounds that suit your project, and we create a library of original music tailored to your needs. Each track is delivered with a variety of mixes, as well as a kit of sound effects and percussion elements from the track. We provide all the tools you need to build a score with a custom feel.

  • Custom Theme Library

    The theme is the most important musical decision you will make. It helps define the identity and personality of your production. A theme from Diamond Mine Productions will separate your show from the pack. We have created themes for a variety of shows and have the expertise to create a memorable one for you. To hear our latest theme projects, check out our portfolio and demo pages.

  • Scoring

    A production achieves maximum dramatic and emotional impact when paired with an original score. The composers at Diamond Mine Productions have extensive experience creating scores for feature films, independent films, documentaries, and television specials. Many of our television clients choose to combine the creation of a music library with custom scoring for special broadcasts and featured segments. This “best-of-both” option is a perfect way to balance the creative and practical needs of a production.